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Y   O   U   R     B   E   S   T     S   H   E

​be through physical, mental, & spiritual health

Abby K.

I was 30 pounds heavier on the left, filled with shame, defeat, and saw a number on the scale I had NEVER even dreamed of seeing. Even though I knew a change had to happen, I was so overwhelmed by that big number that I just pushed it under the rug, made excuses, was defensive, and even bought bigger clothes! On the right, I am 30 pounds down, living healthy, making progress in the gym each day, happier, but very much so STILL on a journey to better health! I never thought I could do what I've done and that I could feel this way about myself. It feels so good to have worked for something so hard and to see my work start to pay off. On that note, come to a DONATION ONLY boot camp Tuesday (SHE) at 6:00!!

Alexa R.
"I have been coming to She since March of 2016. I LOVE She and my favorite part about it is the women that show up every week and support you and help you when you need it. This is a different type of workout group. She is not just about going to workout and going home, this community has turned into my family. Since March I've already seen a BIG transformation and I've lost 22 pounds! "


​I made a commitment to keep up a healthy routine by healthy eating and exercising daily. I'm blessed to have joined the SHE TEAM. A team that has helped me with accountability and fitness programs, but most importantly to be the best I can be. I never thought I would be able to lead others, but seeing my own results and hardwork pay off I AM SO excited to help others become happier and healthier individuals! If I can do it, YOU CAN TOO!