​Empowering women to be the BEST SHE can

​be through physical, mental, & spiritual health

​Hey hey!! 

My name is Liv, Founder and President of She. I am so honored that you have landed on my page! I am PASSIONATE about helping others become their VERY BEST! We all go through tough times in life, but I believe that we were never meant to walk alone! I am incredibly grateful for my She community and for the siserhood of women who love, care, and support one another. I started She in the most awful time of my life. A HUGE tragedy with my fiance, my papa getting diagnosed and later passing from brain cancer, my own health battles that cost me my job, family problems, and the list goes on and on. She was something God placed in my heart, and I had to be obedient. I am a type A, competitive, perfectionist, former college soccer player, and marketing major and thought I had to have it "all together" before I started something like this. BOY was I wrong! You can have a fancy logo, catchy slogan, powerful mission statement, and incredible marketing, BUT if you don't have heart or truly love and care for others, you have nothing. I believe that as I put God first, authentically LOVE others, persevere through life's toughest battles, and work with diligence, She is going to spread across the entire globe. I desperately want to make a CULTURE SHIFT and spread the She sisterhood to women who feel unloved, uncherished, insignificant, and uncomfortable in their own skin. YES, I will kick your butt physically, but it is MUCH MUCH more than that. It's about community. We laugh together, cry together, sweat together, pray together, we do life together. She is for women of ALL ages, demographics, fitness levels, and religion. We will be SO HAPPY to welcome you to our AMAZING sisterhood. Let's be honest, women can be MEAN....so don't be a mean girl, be a She girl! 

Y   O   U   R     B   E   S   T     S   H   E